Philadelphia House Delegation weighs in on the impact of public education hearings in the city

The tour, a joint effort between the House Appropriations and Education committees that started in Pittsburgh on Oct.5, will make its last stop on Nov. 16 in Lansdowne

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 26 – The Philadelphia House Delegation today praised the ongoing joint hearings conducted by the House Appropriations and Education committees on delivering funds for schools statewide.

The Pennsylvania Education Tour and hearings are part of an effort to help public schools and get a pulse of the state’s school funding structure. This week, the tour made two stops in Philadelphia: Tuesday at the School District of Philadelphia and Wednesday at the Community College of Philadelphia’s Library and Learning Commons.

Philadelphia House Delegation Chairwoman Morgan Cephas explained that it is critical to examine the issues impacting schools in the city and state in order to find effective solutions that would guarantee fair investments and infrastructure for the schools.

“We needed to hear the testimonies of parents, education experts and community leaders and revisit the root of the issues affecting our schools. This is why these hearings are so important. We are committed to improving this state’s failed school funding model,” Cephas said.

“Our sons and daughters deserve quality and equality in education regardless their socioeconomic status,” she said.

Rep. Jordan A. Harris, House Appropriations Committee chair, indicated that the hearings in Philadelphia addressed key concerns that will drive the necessary changes.

“We know that across Pennsylvania, and especially in Philadelphia, our students are being harmed by inequities that exist in all facets of our educational system,” Harris said.

“These hearings are providing us with a deep dive into everything from charters to facilities to curriculums and so much more, so that we as legislators can go back to Harrisburg and work to improve the unconstitutional way education is funded. This is the time to be innovative and aspirational as we reimage what education could be for Pennsylvania’s students,” he said.