Help stop the threats to our health and safety!

Danger ahead!  

Republican leaders in Harrisburg are trying to force votes on two bills that put special interests before your safety, health and pocketbook.  

Poisoning our communities

Senate Bill 790 would allow hundreds of gallons of oil and drilling wastewater to be spilled without requiring the companies that did the spilling to report it.   

Wastewater from drilling contains high levels of toxins. It’s a threat to the water supply we use to drink, cook, wash and more.  

Join the fight to protect our water and our communities from this dangerous legilsation. 

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Increasing the cost of your health care

The second bill Republicans plan to vote on (HB 564) would force health insurers to pay out-of-network doctors directly. Here’s why that matters to you:

Out-of-network doctors are not credentialed by your insurer, which places you at risk for fraud, abuse and a lower standard of care for your family.

If this bill becomes law, fewer doctors will participate in your health insurance network because they could receive direct payment from your insurance company and then bill you for more.

Doctors will have their cake and eat it too! Currently, only in-network doctors receive direct payment from your health insurer and, in turn, cannot bill you more. Once doctors leave a network, their charges aren’t tied to any rate negotiated by your insurer. With the change being pushed by Republicans, your costs will go up! House Bill 564 would do nothing but worsen the already skyrocketing cost of health care.

Join the fight to prevent Harrisburg Republicans and special interests from blowing up your insurance networks, reducing your access to quality health care, and making you pay more to see a doctor. Tell them to instead work on legislation that would expand access and lower healthcare costs for you and your family.

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