Readshaw agrees with call to raise capacity for restaurants, bars

Offers support to end governor’s 25% capacity restriction

Pennsylvania state Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, said he supports a letter written by colleagues urging Gov. Tom Wolf to lift a restriction that imposes a 25% indoor capacity on restaurants and bars.

Lawmakers from the Northwest Democratic Delegation sent Wolf a letter today, calling on the governor to restore capacity to 50%, referring to the new restriction as “doing more harm than good.”

“As we continue to monitor the rise in COVID cases here in Allegheny and across the Commonwealth, we can’t take mitigation steps that are unnecessarily restrictive and further damage the economies of our communities,” Readshaw said. “We threaten the viability of our business community when we focus on a particular number of people inside an establishment. I join the call to apply these mitigation efforts to where they’d do a better job, such as going after those restaurants and bars that aren’t complying with safety guidelines.

“It is unfair, as my colleagues wrote to the governor, ‘to crack down uniformly on all restaurants and taverns, in all areas of the state,’” Readshaw said. “I stand with my colleagues in the recognition that we should be cracking down on establishments that aren’t complying with social distancing, masking, and other outlined health and safety protocols that are vital to slowing the spread of this virus.”