Ravenstahl joins House in unanimous vote on police bills

Bills would increase training, expand background checks

HARRISBURG, June 24 – Today state Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, D-Allegheny, joined the other members of the state House in voting unanimously to pass two police training and accountability bills.

“For weeks now the people of Pennsylvania have taken to the streets to demand action on these and other issues,” Ravenstahl said. “Today we took unanimous action to address their concerns and to give our law enforcement officers the training they need to help heal community-police relations. I look forward to continuing to work with law enforcement and community leaders from around the state, to shape meaningful solutions to long overdue issues.”

The legislation passed unanimously by the House today includes:

  • H.B. 1910 – A police training bill that was amended to mandate in-service training on the use of force, de-escalation techniques, cultural awareness and bias; and amended to include training on trauma-informed care, specifically PTSD;
  • H.B. 1841 – A bill expanding background checks for police and other law enforcement officers, which was amended to create a confidential repository of employment records relating to misconduct.